Tony Todd to appear in a social cause comic and Focus comic Panel at Greater Austin Comicon

This is a big shout out to fellow Holly wood actor Tony Todd who has been immortalized in a social cause comic called Focus.

Tony Todd is the official brand ambassador of Focus, and will be attending the Focus Comic Panel and table at Greater Austin Comic Con. Focus is an action adventure horror comic suitable for all ages. It features an autistic super hero and is part of a social cause project to raise #autismawareness. They have autistic interns representing our creative team working alongside industry professionals including legendary Paul Mounts known for the Spider man, Luis Guererro known for The Flash, Yvonne Wan, Douglas A Hebert, Francisco Javier Rodriguez, Jenn Corella, Sarah Christina, Ashler Bate, Kevin De Castro, Jim Boswell and others. Their interns are Tabidi Elkhalil, and Troy’s son Malekith George. Please come to their Focus panel and table at the event where Tony will be signing autographs for the full event.

Please also support this worthy cause by ordering the comic. Tony is the voice of Focus, and also appears within the comic as a character called Thato.

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